But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Rose Hip.

We were up early this morning to put Herself on the train to visit her sister who is having a significant birthday, though I use the term “early” advisedly as I realise that it means different things to different people. This was followed by some of the routine voluntary tasks that occupy my time and then a walk in a tiny patch of woodland. I had gone there with the intention of blipping a lichen, I’ve had several goes at this particular specimen over the past few years without managing to produce a successful image. I ended up putting that off as it’s Tiny Tuesday tomorrow.
A few days ago, I retrieved my old Benbo tripod from the loft after seeing a friend using one on a workshop, the intention had been to try and repair the ends of what passes for the central column on this strange beast as they had  developed a distinct wobble. After a very short while, I realised that the play disappeared as soon as I put a head on them, it was the science of the bleedin’ obvious; to think that the only reason it was in the loft was because I thought it had a fault that would be taxing to fix. If using it becomes a habit, I shall be building up some upper body strength. It’s amazing that I used to take it hill-walking in my youth
I wasted a few hours this evening watching the “Cat Ballou” DVD, it was a hilarious film but I did worry about the abuse of the horses. I don’t think Mrs TD will like it.

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