Running late.....

......after a fairly busy day.

Sun shining, rosebuds opening, lovely way to start the day.

Seeing a friend at the traffic lights, a quick wave and smile lifted our spirits before we were on our way.

Communicating with R via some photos, which has now become our best way of reaching him. Words trapped inside, mumbling and wandering, dementia is taking it's toll.

The sky above humming with the NH90 Defence helicopters as they land more evacuee's, thankfully the weather is holding. A few groceries dropped off to be sent to Kaikoura, helping where we can.

Daughter A battling the wild weather of Wellington, working from home as her place of work is not so safe.

A birthday celebration for our youngest, where have those years gone?
Happy Birthday E!

Thankful for your kind words over recent days, touched and overwhelmed, truly appreciate being part of this wonderful community.

Skies darken, clouds roll through, a breeze rustles the leaves, wild wintry weather is on it's way.....Spring so unpredictable!

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