Autumn Pattern

The day started with me leaping out of bed and taking some photos. The above was one of them. It is one of our rowan trees with white berries and yellow leaves at this time of year. I get much pleasure from watching it and its bird population throughout the seasons from our bedroom window, This adapted photo could be a repeat pattern for material or a print of some kind..........Artiness over

Have you heard the expression "I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on" Well I have lost my substitute tooth because it wasn't screwed into my mouth. Its a mystery as I knew exactly where it was in my bag wrapped in kitchen roll and at the bottom of the rucksack waiting to be cleaned and placed in its proper place. It had been playing on my mind to do it but I didn't do it. Just before the dental appointment there was a race to find the tooth and much scrabbling in my rucksack.......yes I felt something hard in a bit of paper but no that hardness disappeared and what I thought was the tooth had vanished. The room was gutted and the appointment cancelled. No sign of it. I have wracked my brains and retraced my steps but as yet no sigh of it. 

I phoned my sister in law and told her. She was totally mortified as she is that type who cant take any form of embarrassment. I just do not know where to look now but I do not fancy buying another one such was the price. I'd rather look like one of Macbeth's witches, which I had the honour of playing at school. Wonder why I was chosen ??? 

I'll leave you with that and hope that I dream about where it can be found...........there is something about it that I can half visualise ???????

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