West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Great Wall

The haze and smog has been building up in Beijing all week. Monday was beautifully sunny and clear and it's got progressively worse each day. Today was grey and visibility wasn't great. But it made the Great Wall seem quite atmospheric. 

I went to the section of the wall furthest from Beijing in the hope the conditions would be better but it still wasn't great visibility. It's an amazing structure, winding over the mountains and it's very steep in places to climb. It was cold up there and I could imagine how tough it would have been for those building the wall and then those based along the wall as lookouts. 

I struggled to choose whether the mono shot or the colour one would be better as my blip. I went for mono in the end as the towers of the wall on the furthest away hills are clearer in the mono version. The colour one is in the extras along with a couple of other shots.

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