A Dog's Dinner

By G

In the Footsteps of Martin Parr

Today was our annual stroll around town buying presents. Every year BB and I, like a million other people, go out and get a few presents while sort of rediscovering the city

So it was the round of bookshops and for the first time in many years, toyshops. I was just great looking at things which Miss B might like and buying a few.

On our way back we passed this group of buildings, just below Edinburgh Castle. 'Nothing special there' I hear you say, but Martin Parr that darling of The Guardian photo editors, thought that this scene epitomised The City of Edinburgh.

I've taken the picture from the same spot under similar conditions and the only difference is the cleaning machine in the centre of the frame. I don't flatter myself but this is a fair copy of his pic.

So what did he see that I didn't? I dunno.

It seems remarkably unremarkable but that of course might be the point

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