Peruvian lily.....

.....or lily of the Incas, known to me as alstroemeria, native to South America.

A supermarket buy, one which has lasted for nine days and still going strong. They grace our dining room table with their pretty delicate shades, think I'll have to get some for the garden as I only have a dwarf variety.

Lovely to meet with a dear friend who I've known for 23 years. We sat and chatted over a long cuppa, picking up from where we left off, the time simply flew by and before we knew it, it was time to say 'until next time', special times.

Flower Friday today thanks to BikerBear for hosting this delightful challenge.

And as the helicopters continue to hum across the sky delivering dignitaries to Kaikoura and back again, another weekend creeps in. What a week it's been, earthquakes, tsunami warnings, wild stormy weather, flooding, is there anything left? A week which will never be forgotten.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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