All over again

By Tivoli


I feel really sorry for those Americans who voted against Trump and feel that an opportunity has been lost. I feel really sorry for those Brits who voted to remain in the EU and feel that an opportunity has been lost.
In January 2015 the Greek people voted for the Coalition of the Radical Left because that was whom they wanted to be governed by. Very shortly after the election Germany's Federal Minister of Finance famously told us that 'elections change nothing'. The Greek Finance Minister attended countless talks with his European counterparts in an attempt to reach some kind of workable solution to the Greek financial crisis but an impasse was reached because as far as the European counterparts were concerned it was more important to keep banks happy than it was to keep a whole population afloat.

In July 2015 the Greek people were asked in a referendum if they agreed to the latest terms of the bailout, which they did, because they wanted to remain in Europe, and so the thumbscrews were tightened yet further.

In September 2015 the Greek Prime Minister lost his majority in Parliament and so the country went to the polls for the third time in nine months for a second general election. Once again we voted in Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA because that is whom we wish to be governed by. But we are not. All the rules are told us by the Troika and the Troika is the puppet of banking and big business.

Despite the fact that we could barely keep our nostrils above the water line we still offered food and shelter to those arriving in dangerous little rubber boats from across the sea. Europe asked us if we would please kindly stop doing that.

Trump wants all politicians' terms limited to a maximum of 8 years so that there can no longer be 'career politicians'. But politicians are feeding from the hand of big business so surely business magnates' terms of office should also be limited to 8 years so we can't have 'career businesspeople'.

From where I am standing the machinery of globalisation has enough momentum to keep rolling and taking with it everything in its path and it matters not one hoot for whom you vote, all will crumble beneath this monster.

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