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Kristin Hersh: Throwing Muse

Back when I was a young whippersnapper, Boston-based band Throwing Muses were one of the most highly regarded indie bands on the scene and were responsible for one of my favourite ever singles, 'Dizzy'

Band leader and chief songwriter Kristin Hersh continues, off and on, to front various incarnations of Throwing Muses as well as her 'other' band, 50FOOTWAVE (get a load of 'Clara Bow' whilst also maintaining a highly regarded solo career.

Do check out the sublime 'Your Ghost' (featuring added Michael Stipe) if you do nothing else today!

It was in her solo incarnation that Kristin rolled into Liverpool tonight to promote her latest release 'Wyatt at The Coyote Palace', which is a beautiful artefact containing a book of essays, photographs and lyrics as well as two CDs. A bargain at £15!

This isn't the first time that Kristin's writing has appeared in book form. I can thoroughly recommend her excellent memoir 'Paradoxical Undressing' (known as 'Rat Girl' in the USA, if any of my American friends should wish to seek it out!) and 'Don't Suck, Don't Die', her tribute to fellow musician and friend, the late Vic Chesnutt, whose song 'Bakersfield' she played tonight alongside a selection of songs old and new from her own pen and a couple of traditional numbers.

Her song selections (see below) were interspersed with readings from her books and some wry asides to the very respectful audience! Her voice was in terrific shape even if her (guitar) G string wasn't... ("I'm sorry you had to see me bust my G string in front of you...") and I loved every second of her performance. She even seemed to catch my eye at one point...

The setlist went something like this:

Poor Wayfaring Stranger
City of the Dead
Mississippi Kite
Your Ghost
Sunray Venus
Shaky Blue Can
Your Dirty Answer
Summer Salt
Between Piety and Desire
Sno Cat
You Cage
The Cuckoo

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