Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Sunday morning ballet

Up bright and early this morning to head over to Tring. I had a confident girl in the car with me. Fingers crossed that that confidence is rewarded.

From there we headed to the Galleria as the weather wasn't Zoo sort of weather. C had her feet measured and she is measuring a 4f (a fortnight ago she was a 3.5 still), but they had no shoes that seemed to fit and I had little faith in the fitter when she told that C wasn't slipping in a pair that I could see she was walking out of! So we still need to source new school shoes.

We then headed to Nike where we both almost list the will. A zillion pairs of trainers and £50 later we finally ended up with a pair for school and a pair for home. According to the shoes they are half a size different, but the space in the toe box was the same. Mummy was slightly upset that one pair was from the ladies section rather than the kids. Baby girl has adult size feet!

We mooched after that. Daddy got some socks and we bought the next size up soft shell for C, partly because it was in the sale and partly because it was plain blue meaning a) it will do as a school coat in 2018 if it lasts as long as the current one, b) it is hand down able to Will.

Lunch and coffee were had at some point and then it was home for tea and a Strictly marathon catching up with last night plus the results show.

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