In the loop

A rude awakening before the alarm went off with a bark from Bailey and then him not being keen to head out into the garden. I did sort of go back to bed for a little while but Bailey settled more quickly than I did. We have had a very wet day today with non-stop torrential rain from before school started until just before I headed home. 

We put our Y11s through a pre-mock mock †his morning and I ended up leading the whole two hours rather than handing over half way through. It wasn't too bad and the students seemed to have got something out of it even if it was a bit of a full on start to the week and used up two of my non-teaching lessons. It's the Shakespeare paper tomorrow in the same style and then they've got two weeks until the actual mock. 

I was home to Bailey at a fairly reasonable time and didn't need to head off out too quickly to Body Pump. It feels like we're in a routine with Monday nights but just when I thought I knew what I was doing we had some changes to the routine tonight. What I do know is that I always wish I lived in a bungalow when I get back from the gym. Bailey being restless hasn't helped but I'm hoping for a full night's sleep. 

Not sure why this didn't post last night. I was obviously too premature in thinking that I had published it. 

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