My new car

We went to pick up our new car today.

The journey took us up the M3 (maximum speed 50mph through the many miles of roadworks) and then around the M25. I hate the construction of the M25. It's made of concret le slabs joined together. It sings through the tyres. But as we were travelling at 70 the tyres tone changed to a high pitched note andI knew that something wasn't right. Jonny was with me and we headed towards the hard shoulder. The front right tyre was shredded round the edge. When the AA man came to our rescue we identified that there was a nail in it. With the spare on we were able to get to the garage.

Another one of life's experiences.

Meet my new car. It's going to take me a long time to understand all of its many features.

So tomorrow is the day. We will be saying goodbye to David. The service starts at 15:15. Please think of me and my family.

The music that we chose is:
Supertramp -Bliody well right
Dire Straits - Love over gold
Fleetwood Mac- Don't Stop

The hymns are:
Praise my soul

And we've asked people to make donations to the British Heart Foundation

I'm intending to stand up and talk about him.

I need to stay strong for that and then I can fall apart.

Thank you for all of your support. You have all helped. More than you realise.

Wenda Moroney x

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