The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Golden Gate Bridge....

This holiday is turning into a holiday from hell.
First our initial flight from Manchester was cancelled due to a cracked windscreen and never left the USA.
Second, we were told to fly to Heathrow to pick up a Virgin Atlantic flight but our flight was delayed by almost an hour so we only just made the flight.
Third our bags didn't, not to worry the guy said in San Francisco they will be here tomorrow.
Fourth, they were put on a flight the very next day and the plane developed a fault and was diverted to Nova scotia where they are tonight, they won't be here till the ship has left.
Fifth, the folks we should be speaking to now have left and will not be here until 11.00am tomorrow, we have to be on the ship by 2:00pm.
All we have in clothes are what we stand up in One pair of socks, pair of underpants, a pair of jeans and one T-shirt and no toiletry's
I don't know what we will do.
Today we did manage to get to walk around San Francisco, ride the trolley bus, get the ferry over to Sausalito past Alcatraz, and by the Golden Gate Bridge, but on the way back the sun gave us a spectacular display, and everyone on the boat was wondering why I was on the stern of the  ferry waiting to get into position, then as I had the best position everyone else had to fight over the rest of the rail to get some shots, me, I didn't move.
There are a few others to have a look at too.

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