Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Giving Thanks

We had a very low key Thanksgiving here. Me, The Husband, and the Two Sons. Plus four dogs. FOUR dogs. Two are ours (Swee'pea and Bugsy); one is #1 Son's (Jezebel - a Pembroke Welsh Corgi); and one was a special visitor who came with #2 Son (Domino - an Australian Cattle Dog). #2 Son is house/pet sitting and Domino is the pet in question. I was impressed at how ready he was to accept #2 Son as his person. Obviously a very intelligent beast - extremely responsive and well behaved. The four of them got along well. The four of us got along as well as we generally do. Haha! #2 Son's girlfriend is in California with her family. #1 Son seems to be currently single.

In this photo from left to right: #1 Son with Domino, #2 Son with Jez, The Husband with Bugsy and Swee'pea, and the shadow of me taking the shot with my iPhone. We never did manage a shot where everyone was facing the camera.

Friday morning edit: I have now added a photo of Domino, so you can see what kind of dog he is. 

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