Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Fun and Games

Cold and rainy.   Even Maple didn’t want to go out early.   Pancakes for breakfast of course.    The rain let up (sort of) so everyone took a walk except for Oskar who wouldn’t have done well in the  mud with his crutches, Fiona who refused to go farther than the studio, and me, who went to the studio with them and that’s as far as I got today as well.   Tattoos, a new faerie, a new faerie bank, more board games and drawings, chocolate chip cookies were made, a little quiet time was had, and card games,  and no one had to cook dinner which was great,….and after dinner and more cards, the word game “5 second rule”  where you have to name 3 things in a category in 5 seconds… Tatum always brings something like this… I’m always the worst.   But it's fun and good for lots of laughs....
Extra is Nik trying to teach his Mom another game on the phone.   

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