Dutch Skies

By RonBuist

The workshop and one thousand blips!

Even though I'm having a cold, I still needed to get up at 5.20 this morning because of the landscape photography workshop I am leading at Punt van Reide. Luckily I felt quite a bit better when I woke up and the workshop went without any problems. A great group with lots of good questions. We had a great time even though we never saw the sun before we had to return to the parking lot.

This is also blip number 1000! It took me very long to reach this milestone but that's OK. For now I'm glad to be back in the rhythm of posting daily (since July 22 this year), so hopefully the milestones will now be reached at a normal pace. Maybe even quicker if I continue to do some back-blipping :-).

Thanks to everyone who visits my journal and who comments. I know I have gotten quite lousy at the social aspect of Blipfoto, but I am thankful for the site and the fact that it is still here, community-owned and all. Since Blipfoto played a huge part in kickstarting my interest in photography back in 2010, I owe a lot to Blipfoto and I'm glad I could do my bit to keep the site alive. Upward and onward to the next 1000 blips!

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