Lovely silver birch

We had to pop to Exeter to pick up a few things for Ian's trip. It was a nightmare, chock full of shoppers so we were glad to escape early. We took the scenic route back to the car park to avoid the crowds and wended our way through Northernhay Gardens. Ian and Leo took the chance to catch plenty more Pokemon. I wrestled my phone back from Leo so I could take a few pictures, including one of this nice silver birch. Leo was very impressed with the texture of its trunk.

And then I didn't do much else for the rest of the day. I cooked lunch once we got in but then had an afternoon snooze and lazed the rest of the day away. My cough is annoying me but so far doesn't seem like full on lurgy so fingers crossed it stays that way, especially as a Ian flies out today and is not back until Friday. I reckon two chilly footie practice nights coming up on Mon/Tue will kill or cure it :)

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