Being reflective

Sunday 27th November 2016          (backblip)

Both still feeling a bit groggy ..... but we decided a walk in the fresh air would do us good ...... so we went for a short walk at Jenny's Wood which is part of Westgate Woods.

Very little about ...... a few birds .... mostly Sparrows, Blackbirds & Pigeons ..... but none of them wished to pose! We did see a very different bird fly overhead .... but were unable to identify it .... it looked more like a small wader from its shape!

The sunshine had disappeared .... so the light was rather flat ..... took hardly any photos .... this was about the best ..... guess that's not saying much! Never mind :-)

I am pleased to say that Firefox seems to be behaving today ..... I am at this moment posting this through it ..... fingers crossed it actually uploads!

Also the tree has reappeared ...... so it hadn't fallen off the edge of the World after all lol

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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