Bruno in full kit for tree trimming !

Frosty start and a beautiful sunny morning by 10am.
The decorator arrived on time at 8am and by noon he'd done a very good job but somehow had disconnected our Internet. As he had gone to lunch I couldn't do my Blip at my usual time.
Bruno arrived at 8.30 but without my trailer which he said was in the paint shop and I would have it back in a few days time.
He started cutting back a dying tree that has been attacked by the honey mushrooms.I started on the Sedum cutting it right down to the ground and then using the garden shredder to break it down for the compost. Bruno had moved on to one of the conker trees and hoisted himself up to cut down a couple of dead and dangerous branches. I had started up the blower and was blowing leaves in the wood onto the leaf mould heaps.Bruno then pruned my two Apple trees and I started to help by picking up branches and wood and taking it to the bonfire .He also cut the good for burning branches into 30cm lengths and I picked them up with his spare trailer using the tractor and made a new log stack.
We then together dug up lots of the famous honey mushroom and my goodness there was lots of it in fact several wheelbarrow and trailer loads that went into the back of his van to dump safely elsewhere.
By 11.30 we had finished and I enjoyed my morning working with him and asked if he would like to employ me but he replied that I'd be too expensive and he was right on that.
MrsD asked him to give us a quote for electric gates using our existing ones so he set about measuring things up and taking photos.
This afternoon I will be back in the garden as the weather is so good.
Today's Blip is Bruno in full work kit on his way to the next tree as he kindly posed and asked me to email him the photo and any others I'd taken.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a nice day too.
Thanks to MrsD for reconnecting the power to insrall the WiFi and allowing me to post my Blip.

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