new places

The twisty slide in Montgomery Street wasn't very slidey today, but it meant they could concentrate more on eating rice cakes. It took us about twenty minutes to get to London Road by the time everyone had walked along the top of all available walls and scuttled about in leaves, so they stood in front of me and chanted for another snack as soon as we were across the road. We didn't have time to go up Calton Hill as there was more reluctant trudging to do in order to get some proper food with their mum. We didn't have time for pudding in the food-place so I scuttled off to a Co-op with Amos to get some portable pudding-cakes, also throwing in a loaf of bread for the morning which was met with "but I don't want bread for pudding". Despite being purportedly ticketed we were able to wander back into the Street of Light zone without hindrance, whereupon Amos sat on my head and looked suitably unimpressed for the whole twenty minutes, having heard music before and having seen lights switched on and off before.

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