restoring with nature

It is wonderful, and I must say we are so lucky I found our home on the Braden River 4 years ago . . . and Steve agreed to move . . . just one more time!!! Lately, he's taken up fishing and I, myself have taken up going along with him. I enjoy relaxing, looking around at the abundant moving water, the trees, the birds and the fish! The river is fairly sparsely populated where we are, so it is very quiet and naturally unspoiled. 

On November 26th we went out at just the right time, with just the right conditions, to catch a beautiful sunset. I really like this photo that shows a fire watch tower in the distance. Earlier that evening I got a cute picture of our girls Chloe & Asia enjoying a little sunshine while boating with us . . . I'll enclose it as an "extra photo" along with another dramatic sky as the sun set further. Enjoy! 

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