By Moorlandmiss

New Camera! New Blip!

Oh No! I missed yesterdays blip due to breaking my trusty steed camera that I'd had for 5 years :( Cleaning fluid poured into the bag it was in and drowned the camera and my phone......
Completely ruined both.
But not to be put off and having just got paid,sod the kids xmas,food for a month etc I found one on Ebay..brand new too!
Today we drove over to Burnley. Over the border I know, but it had to be done. Small town in Lancashire..Nuff said. Anyway,I'm now upgraded! Flash camera with a video!
This pic was taken from up Wainstalls. They're erecting some new turbines but I didn't get a clear enough shot but the view behind kept tapping me on the shoulder.. :)

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