Up in a tree looking at me

After a trip to the supermarket I wrapped up and set off for a walk over the ridge in the bright sunshine.  It was quiet up there with a slight breeze chilling the ears. 

I did regret it when I had to cross the first field though as the clay soil stuck to my boots and lifted me a good few inches off the ground.  I kept having to stop to try and reduce the amount I was collecting and I think it took me about fifteen minutes to reach the bridge across the stream between the two fields.  I decided against the slippery ascent up to the woods and skirted around the newly planted wheat field towards the playing fields and home.

I spotted a small flock of birds in a tree and got a shot of this female linnet, although it's not as sharp as I'd have liked.  I did have to check my bird books when I got home as I haven't seen any for a long time.  Good to know they're around.

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