Berries by the lake

Another late start! And by the time we'd eaten one of MrM's big breakfasts and enjoyed copious amounts of black coffee, it was almost lunchtime!

After 14 hours' sleep, Louie seemed back to his usual self, so we set off down to Alnwick, stopping on the way at the lakes at Branton for a short walk. Some lovely views, even on a very dull winter's day, slightly marred only by pylons and power lines. Don't know what the red berries are to the left of the Blip, but they were very bright.

Supermarket shop finished, we thought about going to the Christmas market in the middle of Alnwick, but failed to find a parking space. Never mind - it meant we were back in Wooler in time for MrM and I to go for a short walk without Louie. Unfortunately, too dark by then for photos, but it was good to get out on the hills for a short while.

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