By tondrijfhamer

A cold start.

The day started early today; the alarm clock rang at 05.50.
Less than two hours later I stood, together with Herman, ankle deep in the mud of the Wadden Sea, 60 km from home. Misty and cold with nothing but the sounds of thousands of geese around us. It was a great atmosphere.
We started off with our camera and tripod and went on until the sun rose above the mist.

I had a bit of bad luck, when I attached my LEE filterholder, a small screw broke. So I had to work without my beloved filters. I have extra holders, but as we travelled light through the mud, those were in the car. I think I've managed without.

In the extra section I've added two more photos.
1) When the sun was up.
2) On our way back to the coast.
3) When we came back on shore; on the dyke, near the carpark.

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