Just a ..............

 ................... bootiful sky with a silhouetted weed!

Today I:

Went shopping - got cross in Sainsburys as they were playing Christmas music (it's the 5th for goodness sake)
Went shopping - with proper music (Lidl)
Filled the car with fuel - it's gone down in price - yay!
Went shopping - in Tesco - no Christmas music
Shouted at a man who had no clue how to go round a roundabout
Played music in the car REALLY loud with the roof open and got lots of funny looks (64 and playing Flo Rida - bit of a surprise I suppose!!)
Came home, unpacked shopping, cooked lunch, cut the grass front and side of house and THEN saw this lovely sky - took photos.
Concocted homemade chicken soup and baked some bread (breadmaker - lazy me) and now blipping - not a bad day in the scheme of things! 
Oh and Whisper stole half a bar of white chocolate - Himself was not best pleased - tee-hee-hee!!  
Well, he shouldn't have snoozed off in front of the TV (Himself, not Whisper).

~ Anni ~

Wasn't the snooker last frame a good one on Sunday night- well done to Mark Selby!!!!

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