creative lenna

By creativelenna

A new fish

Steve started fishing on the Braden River and then, I started joining him. Not to fish (yet) but to join him for company and the enjoyment of the river. Oh yeah, and I take a lot of photos while I'm in the boat too! 

Pictured here is a redfish or a Red Drum as some call it. I think it is so pretty! These are good to eat but this one was too small to even consider that . . . they have to be at least 18" and no more than 27". I hope will be going out again today, but we have to see how the weather and tides are. It is winter here in Florida and that means Low Tides, which can hamper us. I have 3 remaining "extra" photos for the year so I am adding one of when Steven caught this fish :o) I love, love, love photographing water.

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