Rowan Trees

 I'm going to miss my trees when I go. My mum helped me plant them. I can still walk by my ex house and see them anytime. The new owners like the trees or so they say. I cant for the life of me remember the name of this type of Sorbus. I don't think it's cashmiriana as I think that is a smaller tree. Anyone help me out ? They have been here for nearly 30 years and always look great especially now and over the winter until the birds with better eyesight find the berries of them (because the berries are white and they are looking out for red ) The waxwings are experts when they come over from Scandinavian countries. I have always wanted to put lights on these trees for Xmas but I have never been able to persuade Mr AF that I can to climb the trees with electrical cable !!!!!!!!
 I would not have allowed him to do it which is fair enough, I suppose. I was climbing up those trees just before I got sepsis.

In other news there was one other area I wanted to search for my tooth........... in the bedroom  (as my handbag, presumably containing the tooth) had come up there. I caught Mr AF taking a rubbish bag downstairs and I insisted on looking through it as it was from the area described. Lo and behold it was in that bin wrapped in the paper. The only thing that is not clear, and it doesn't matter is, who put it there ? So the lesson is never wrap up something casually in paper while you are moving house as someone will put it in the bin.........especially if you are both not working at full capacity. .......or something like that...........there is always some excuse !!!!!!

All our cupboards are empty and clean and I'm doing defrosting of the freezer overnight and cleaning it out tomorrow. We are both pleased as to progress. I have some clothes to sort....... ........Oven cleaner coming are some friends to help wrap and get our stuff to the flat on Friday..............I couldn't have done without them

Might have time to look out for you tonight fair blippers. Even Mr AF said to take a rest but he doesn't like me being on social media if there is something he thinks is urgent..........mmmmm

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