Ethereal Morning

Barring the tops of a few trees interrupting the skyline, this is pretty much the view I woke up to this morning. I only had to climb a little above the house to get this shot of Beamsley Beacon floating in a sea of cloud, itself wrapped in a veil of mist.  

My head actually felt as ethereal as the landscape but in conditions like these nothing stops me getting out to take photographs. I've been joking just how much this last week the weather seems to be taking a lead from my state of mind. I suspect, though, that rather than finding myself at the centre of the meteorological universe, it's more likely that I'm taking a lead from the weather - although it doesn't feel like that!

Finally, thanks for all the love and great commentary over this last week. I've not had any opportunity to get back to anyone. As always, it means a lot to me. I'm glad you enjoyed yesterday's encounter with the father of a famous son. I'm still laughing myself at all the lavish praise I was pouring on the young man, completely unaware of whom I was talking to!

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