Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Past three a'clock ...

...But not on a cold frosty morning: this is three o'clock (the carol has an "a") in the afternoon today. The temperature has risen considerably and the rain has come on cue; the gloom that I earlier described as "inspissated" has never really lifted and now darkness is falling. Don't ask why I'm combatting it with candles - apart from the fact that I love the way they and the room are reflected in the window and march off down the garden, we're having the main meal of the day at a time more suited to Christmas because there's choir practice in the evening and yours truly can't sing on a full stomach.

My extra photo is of the view from our window at midday: a large ship can just be made out through the grey and I felt it was a considerable contrast to yesterday's Clyde view.

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