Blipvent Calendar 9 : 1,000 Blips

It's taken me quite some time but I've finally reached 1,000 blips. When I started I never imagined I'd be here years later, or that I'd still be chatting to  the same people or even meeting some of you. Thank you for all the comments, stars and hearts over the years, especially from Eddie, who gets most of them! He's been very supportive today as I've crashed on the sofa, keeping my lap warm, no need for central heating when there's a Cavalier in the house. The family lurgy continues, although H is now fully recovered and off to a formal party at Guides tonight. For someone that hates dresses she's wearing her new skater dress quite often, albeit with a pair of oxblood Dr Martens boots.
To combine my one thousand and my festive theme I've been forced to create some extra brandy drizzling holes in my Christmas cake.

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