What happens to prints that don't quite make it?

A sorting out day today ready for our final day of Year 2 at Hot-Bed Press.  We usually have a sharing session on the last day, so I've been reviewing my printmaking year and it's been a bit up and down with plenty of stops and starts.  As I've gone back through my photos  from the last year (one of the benefits of being a blipper)  I can see that I put a great deal of energy and commitment into screen printing early in the year and then I came to a kind of impasse with other printmaking techniques that I didn't quite get right (which I'm now putting down to not having a real purpose for using them).  

Looking back at  photos has also made me realise that Ann was still undergoing radiotherapy, which was still taking its toll, though not as much as chemo.  I then went through a spell in late spring/ early summer when I was more committed to the garden and photography than to printmaking (it seemed to happen for me after Sheffield Open Studios) and it wasn't until the project came up around Wentworth Castle Gardens that I found a theme that engaged me again and gave me a reason to start printmaking.  My most productive time has been the last few months with lots of playing - mono prints, gelli-plate prints and now some iPad art.  

I ought to add in the high spots - three opportunities to exhibit:  my own exhibition at the Art House Cafe in Penistone (where I sold a couple of prints), Open Studios in Sheffield (where I didn't sell much) and then the joint Sheffield Printmakers Exhibition at the Art House in Sheffield (where I sold `Waiting for Marco Polo).  So all in all the year is ending well, Ann's doing fine, I've got some enthusiasm back for `making art' and I haven't even begun to talk about my photography high's of the year.

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