By Carey20August

Day 348 Wagamama with Lily

It is a delight when you can share one of your favourite restaurants with your grand daughter.

Today I had two 'Granny' tasks. I had to take Max to school to be measured for special shoes to help him stand up - quick and easy as Max slept through the whole process.

In the afternoon I had to collect Lily from school and take her into town to buy her Christmas jumper. We had a grand time going through most of the clothes shops in town and discussing the options.  We celebrated finally choosing a jumper by having a leisurely meal at Wagamama's. She is a dab hand with their children's chop sticks. It was fun to relax and chat.

As a result, by the time we got out of the restaurant the shops were closed. Guess what I am doing first thing tomorrow morning!

Note to self - next time buy the jumper before having the meal

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