Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A new view ...

For all the time I've lived in this area (43 years in the spring) I've never stopped at Jubilee Point on Loch Eck. I've seen a friend's photos, thought it looked a good place - but always we were whizzing past on our way to somewhere else, like Oban. And because it's reached by the main road along which cars whizz to Oban and other places, it's not somewhere we'd walk to - and we do like a walk ...

But today we'd been out at Glenbranter buying a Christmas tree at the Forestry Commission place. It's quite a way to go, but ever since we moved here I've enjoyed buying my tree in the forest rather than in a shop, and today it was beautifully peaceful. Himself had a hot mince pie while he paid, and I watched a squirrel via the livecam. And on the way home I demanded that we stop at Jubilee point because the light on the water was so dramatic on this essentially gloomy morning, and I was able to tramp about taking calendar-type photos in all directions.

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