Rowan's photography

Rowan, a young man who lives in our neighbourhood, has developed an interest in photography. And he has a love of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission, runs the streetcars, busses and especially for Rowan, the subways). He takes the most amazing images of the subway stations and then does really cool, funky colourization things to the images.

He has been posting them to IG for a while now and I keep thinking I'd like to buy one, frame it and hang in my space. Then the other day he posted this image of the Lawrence subway station. My first name is properly Lawrence and because I really liked what he did with this one, I asked to buy a copy. 

Here it is in my office/studio up on a plate rail I put a lot of other prints. I am not sure I'll leave it here. But for now, it looks great. 

Transaction completed.

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