By HareBrain

Christmas Rose

I’ve been wired and fused all day – I blame it on that course I went on last night – Glass Fusion!!  I had trouble getting to sleep, presumably got there but awoke at 4am and couldn’t get off again, so I got up and have been upright ever since and got lots done;  my 2017 Calendar with PhotoBox ordered, with credits at 5am, wrapping, more wrapping, washed and dried the sofa covers and done a wrestling act getting the cushions back into the covers – is it me, or are sofa cushions always much bigger than their covers, or have they shrunk again??  Anyhow, I can see the difference and glad that annoying job is over.  I’ve finished my local C Card deliveries, nipped to our local garden centre where I saw lots of these lovely Christmas Roses;  made a Cottage Pie and an Apple Crumble and then there was even more wrapping –

Now my eyes are gritty, I’m a bit wobbly  and  sure I’ll sleep tonight.

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