The Journey Home

We felt a little neglected at breakfast. Because we have the dog with us, we had to eat in the bar. Guests without dogs could go straight to the conservatory overlooking the garden and were served before us. Len was not impressed that we had to wait half an hour before being served, as he wanted to make as early a start as possible for our return to Shepshed.

As you can see from the photo, there was an incentive to leave early. Fog descended as we motored south. We stopped for coffee just before Tow Law. The visibility was reasonable when I took this photo but became worse fairly rapidly afterwards.

The fog stayed with us for most of the journey. Where it did clear, we could see bright blue sky.

My travel app warned of major holdups on the M1 at Trowell, Nottinghamshire. Radio 2 road reports confirmed this. The motorway was closed in both directions for much of the day. Police finally released some details this evening. A woman had been murdered and a young man attacked in a house at Borrowash. Half an hour later, a lorry collided with a pedestrian on the south bound lane of the motorway. The pedestrian was linked to the killing.

We decided to stay on the A1 and to connect to the A46. Apart from tailbacks in Yorkshire, caused by the breakdown of a lorry, we travelled comfortably. Not so the people going in the opposite direction, who were presumably trying to avoid the M1.

A complete difference with the gourmet dining we'd been enjoying in Northumberland. This evening we had salt rich ready made curries from the Coop.

Basil whinged most of the way back. I must find the Calmit.

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