Lesley with Santa

in her shop, Point Nouveau, Bridal Couture, in Dunblane.

We have such a short walk into town that we thought we'd go out for a walk round about and end up getting some bits and pieces from our very local Co-op. I took Mr AF's camera which he hasn't been using much, understandably. He wanted to take some photos but it got very cold and he chose to get the shopping and go home. I'm a little more keen than he is and decided to experiment with this little camera which is really complicated but can be effective once you get to know it.....I hope. I took some rather ineffective shots of glitter around the town. It turned out to be bitterly cold but I soldiered on until I spotted some friends right out side Lesley's shop (previously we had bumped into Jean). We had a chat about this and that when Lesley appeared at her door and since Kate knew her she asked her how she was. "I'm just out of hospital" she said. Shortly when I went in to the shop as I was interested in an item in the window she told me her story. You have heard many people say "take care" but you cant take care when these genuine accidents take place.

She had just slipped unknowingly on the top step of the upper bit of her shop and crash landed with a twisted motion on to the floor below and was partially knocked out. By luck her husband was passing and couldn't get her on the phone so he called in to find that all her stuff was in disarray on the floor and her on top of it unable to talk. I dont know if blood was involved but when she got to A and E in hospital and she couldn't feel her lower back they were worried. Results came later to say that the spinal chord was intact and her injuries were of bruised and injured ligaments etc. What a relief by not only herself and her husband but also the very caring staff at Forth Valley Hospital. So that was on this day and they sent her out to get on with things and not to lie in bed.  I think it is the first time I have met Lesley but I took to her right away as she spoke in such a positive manner. Maybe I will drop in and see what she thought of my blip. She has had to cancel her holidays into the bargain. 

Today I didn't feel well at all and felt my sugar levels up and down. I'm cutting down on anything sweet until I can master coming off the stuff (an addictive substance ) for good. More nuts.......must go and get some.
Night night all

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