What a Day

A dreadful day.  Travelling to the twins game this afternoon turned into carnage.  A driver behind me was very erratic and I called the police thinking he was drunk, after he eventually passed me driving like a maniac and whilst giving  commentary to the police he lost control crashing into a bus and attempting to drive on before stopping a short distance up the road. I too stopped but he put his reverse lights on and came backwards before driving off with the car steaming sparks as it gouged the road,  

He stopped again and I passed him driving a short distance round a roundabout to return to the bus and wait for the police I was astonished as the car again with a blaze of sparks coming off it was again attempting to drive away now having his a van.  One other car directly behind the van had stopped but everyone else was trying to push past and get away.  I got out and checked on the van driver who despite being unhurt was very very shocked. I checked on the car driver and she too was fine but y now there was traffic chaos.  I borrowed a hi vis jacket from the van driver and spent the best part of an hour directing traffic as the police were more intention trying to find the the people from the car than helping the traffic problems or this involved in the collisions.

The twins were very shocked and feeling unwell and two and a half hours later after giving my statement to the police we headed away from the scene. I think two out of three of the people in the car had been detained which was good news and only good luck and prevented some innocent person being killed today.

I was thankful to be able to help just a little and hope that the full force of the law is brought to book on these people for their wicked and reckless disregard for the lives of others.


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