By Veronica


I woke feeling fed up and exhausted. I decided an outing might cheer me up, but rejected S's energetic-sounding walk. Instead we went to Luc-sur-Orbieu. We started out at a Christmas fair at a wine-producing chateau, tasting wine that was rather wasted on my dulled palate and blocked nose. They had some pretty strange brews, including one that must surely be unique around here: a fortified wine produced using the solera method used for sherry -- blending very old barrel-aged wines from several different years. 39 euros a bottle was pretty steep for something that tasted like a cheap aperitif. We bought a bottle of the  sanest-sounding one, an unusual blend of Muscat and Viognier which will probably feature on Christmas day.

Then we went for a short, flat walk that was stunning in its unpicturesqueness (bare trees and grubbed up vines stretching to a horizon of wind turbines). By the time we got home I was knackered and spent the rest of the day on the sofa. Hoping I'll have shaken this off by tomorrow.

This is yet another door with bonus window -- there are prettier ones in Luc!

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