Explore in mono

I did lots of exploring of the fridge for mould when I cleaned it out, the oven for gunk when that got a clean as well but then came the fun exploring.

Low light mono in macro. Hardest to get was focus. My first idea of a mini picture frame picking up a reflection of a bag I was holding up was too blurry so I  moved on to the frame which hangs on a key ring just lying on its side. I did finally get part of the far ring sharp and was happy with the result except mono shows up dust and scratches and there is some of that.

We baby sat 4 and a half year old Samuel this morning. In between eating his morning tea in stages (which he brought with him by the way) we put up a Santa Claus, read a book prize I had won in 1954 at Sunday School about 10 little angels, played quoits, hung up some streamers and decorations on the back porch.( We had to wind them round the tables and chairs to stop them blowing around.) We also inspected the garden and the worm farm and played with the Christmas tree light battery.

Many thanks to FlyingPRGal for hosting December's mono mondays.

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