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What a strange day. A great swim in the loch in the rain first thing and then my car decided to almost give up the ghost halfway over the Erskine Bridge with a recurrence of Sunday's problem. So I took it directly to the garage and walked to the gym to shower and get changed. Turned out to be longer than I thought, a brisk 35 minutes with 2 bags and wearing all my warmest post-swim gear so I was dripping with sweat when I got there. I was just wondering how I would get to work when I bumped into a friend who happens to be a local minister. I chanced my arm, and she happily agreed to drop me at the Southern General. I suppose things would be bad if the minister wouldn't do you a good deed...

I managed to find a free desk for the day, informed my team where I was and settled down to an extremely productive day. No phone ringing and a chance to catch up with a few people on that site I needed to speak to. As an added bonus I was planning to see a friend after work who is a patient there. She sent a text to cancel with the happy news she was getting out. Being all of 3 minutes walk away, I just popped in to see her before she made her escape. The ward staff were marvellously accomodating (again) at impromptu visits.

As I had to wait for the chauffeur to collect me on his way home so I took the chance to photograph the reflections of the cranes for the new hospital (just nominated for a design award) in the windows of the relatively new multistorey carpark (which has recently won a design award).

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