Waiting patiently

This is Bailey at the vets this afternoon. He had soiled his bed this morning and again when the dog walkers had been so an appointment was required and a speedy and very early exit from work for me. He was quite pleased to see me when I got in and quite happy to be at the vets. He was particularly transfixed by a rabbit that was half as big again as him. The vet prescribed two lots of medication and said that they have had loads of dogs in with tummy bugs so that would appear to be the problem. She wasn't unduly concerned and he didn't have a temperature - although he did have the indignity of that being confirmed. He has stayed pretty close to me tonight which is unusual but not unwelcome and getting him to take his medicine is interesting. One more day of work and then I can keep a proper eye on him. 

My day up to that point was relatively uneventful although everyone is definitely at the end of their energy and patience levels. Roll on 3:15 tomorrow. 

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