Gallery Walk

Nearly the perfect day in the capital city apart from the last train home which entailed an extra 2 hr bus journey. I might not even have known this had it not been for Mr AF who had suspicions when a rail representative told him there would be a change at Polmont. There was no mention at this point that we would have to get on bus journey for 2 hours. That was it, we had to stay at our son's house. Daughter in law greeted us at the station calling us the 2 eegits !!!!! She's Irish you know !!!!!

I really like my photo but I suspect you don't. It was taken in the National portray gallery where we saw the BP Portrait Prize. Needless to say it was fascinating for me. I could at this point write a treatise on painting but I will spare you that. The reason we came through to Edinburgh was to see the small painting that would return tomorrow to The Hague...... The Goldfinch made famous by the Novel of the same name by Donna Tartt. Was I impressed? Well pity I couldn't see it properly as one was firmly kept away from it by about 3 feet and it is a small painting, obviously of great value. I have slightly inadvertently seen it in The Hague before it became famous. Yes it is an intriguing painting and very suitably chosen for the book but I would like to have seen it up close and personal.

Edinburgh looked amazing yesterday. ....... better than any continental city.........Some experimental shots in Edinburgh in extras

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