By dreaming

More contestants

Well, the Best Decorated Door contest ends tomorrow, so I've been scurrying to see as many as I can before then.  Today you have a sampling of what the 6th floor has to offer, some simple and tasteful, some a bit over-the-top, some ridiculously overdressed.  The angels I posted the other day are still my favorite.

Things have been quiet here, and cold, and damp.  On Saturday, my volunteer day, I spent the entire two hours working with a young Russian man to whom I was trying unsuccessfully to explain the notion of specificity in English usage - this or that or the or mine or his, etc.  His perspective seemed to be that there was no need for those  words, as in most cases it would be obvious which thing was referred to.  He wanted to know why he had to use those words, and it was sorely tempting to just say, because that's the way it's done in English!  Of course I didn't say that, but it was very frustrating for both of us.

I hope you are all enjoying this week heading up to Christmas, and getting your own decorations successfully in place.

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