Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Christmas hair 'do'

Took Chino for his Cmas hair do this morning.  Well what a smarty pants sporting his Christmas gingerbread bandana and all, hand made by the lovely Kathy up at Scallywags.  He normally comes back smelling talcalicious but today he smelt gingerbreadily talcilicious, and Kathy had made him his own tree decoration too!

Not the best photo, but you try working with low light, a tree decoration, a bone and an uncooperative scottie! 

A Cmas movie afternoon for me, The Family Stone, aaaahhhhh it gets me every time, Christmas cheese I know but those who know the film...oh that photo!  Chino allowed on my knee today... because he smells like Christmas and feels like velvet! 

Also heard this on the radio today - rather stopped me in my tracks :) 

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