Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Street Corner Series

Broadway at Hamilton.  From a snowy Broadway in Portland to a sunny Broadway in Redwood City.  The glimpse of lovely building on the right is the San Mateo County History Museum.  

Here checking out my new neighborhood.  Uncle Alan picked me up at SFO, then we had a lot of fun checking out the new abode.  Next we went for an explore.  We found the post office, the library, Safeway (and all the other useful stores located around that), the historic district which has a row of busy and buzzy restaurants where we had dinner.  Tomorrow I need to find the CalTrain station, I've seen the trains go by across Jefferson, just need to find where they stop! 

Tired.  Glad to be in the warm sunshine for a couple of days.  Looking forward to having more time to take photographs tomorrow, very rushed today.

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