One eye open

I thought I heard Bailey bark at half three this morning - I woke him up going to check on him but we both got to go back to bed for quite a while. With a visitor due at 10, I decided to get quite a few bits done and had had the car washed and was at the supermarket till by ten to nine. I did manage to get the house at least superficially tidy before our first visitor arrived and Bailey definitely made her feel welcome. We had a good catch up and swapped news and presents. 

Packing and sorting done after lunch much to Bailey's consternation. He eventually set himself up at the very top of the stairs on the middle landing in order to keep an eye on proceedings. I'd got most of it done by the time our second lot of visitors were due with Bailey beside himself at the arrival of all of his favourite people at once. Presents swapped; tea and mince pies and Bailey duly entertained. I packed the car up with virtually everything after they'd gone and then took Bailey for a walk in the dark and the cold. And tonight he has slept in a variety of locations and I have done a few more bits ready to head to the other side tomorrow. 

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