Lynn and Keith and a blipmeet

Today dawned thankfully drier than promised and we headed into north Lancashire to meet Lynnfot. tps://

What a lovely day we had together!
Coffee, conversations, recognising similarities, confirming things we thought from blip-contact, walking up things, and along things, eating an excellent pub lunch, conversations, Christmas cake at home, conversations, meeting husband G and dog G, laughter, conversations and then off home to Blackburn before pitch dark and traffic queues descended.

This is my shadow and Keith and Lynn almost on top of a thing we walked up. Helsington Barrows according to my expert. It was blustery and a bit muddy but not raining when we were out - being most unattracted to rain, that made me very happy. We passed by some completely uninterested but gorgeous black cows. They didn't even turn to look at us when we walked by, very secure and content to carry on stripping the hillside of grass. A lot of walkers pass this way I presume.

Keith's photo is here:

I'll link to Lynn's journal so you can see just how happy the day made us!

We talked about what drew us towards a particular blipper, how we decided to follow someone's journal or not. Was it because of the photos? Writing? Humour was part of it and the writing is important, that's where the person is seen most  clearly... and fabulous photos was the least important element - although we all love images.

What do you think? How do you decide who to follow? What catches your attention, imagination?

I think the combination of images and words is fascinatingly good at creating the basis for real contact. Like today! Thank you Lynn!

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