By BernardYoung


“She has a memory of trees and fields and nothing more.”
― James Thurber, The White Deer

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”
― Ellen DeGeneres

Are you reaching for the strange fruit
my antlered friend?

Maybe the bauble-laden branches will bend
under the weight

and make it easier for you.
I like the look of you.

You’re an elegant creature.
I love the curve of you

and the strong hint of what you are
and what you’re capable of.

How agile you must be.
Thank you for travelling such a distance

to wish me Merry Christmas. I’m
relieved you reached here  in time.

All Things Beautiful

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