Keep clear

Bit of an earlier start to the day.  I woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off, we had breakfast and a coffee, then got ourselves up and out.  I snapped this photo just before we left.  Despite setting off just after 10am, we didn't make it to my Mum's until gone 4pm.  Traffic was a little slow in places, but I think most of the delay must have come from the fact that we had to re-route from the M4 to the A303 as an accident had closed part of the motorway.  

Unloaded everything at my Mum's, said goodbye, then drove straight over to my sister's so that she could drive me to the station at Castle Cary.  She and the kids were already waiting on the front step, bless them, and she handed me a flask of coffee and a shot of Bailey's when she got in the car.  Lovely :)

Unfortunately, my train which was supposed to be direct to London didn't materialise, and instead there was one to Salisbury on another platform altogether.  By the time I worked out I was actually supposed to get that one and change, it had pulled out of the station.  The next one wasn't for almost two hours, but thankfully my sister had waited with me, and took me shopping with her and the kids for an hour or so - and then dropped me back at the station again.

Had a good journey home after that, and Tim came to pick me up from the station, for which I was very grateful!  It was so good to see him again, and to get back into our lovely bed (almost straight away, as it was nearly 10pm).

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